Good news! Warmly congratulate our company on obtaining the "high-tech enterprise certificate"


Good news! Good news—— According to the relevant provisions of the national "Management Measures for the Recognition of High and New Technology Enterprises" and "Guidelines for the Recognition and Management of High and New Technology Enterprises", Zhejiang Jingdong Rubber and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is recognized as a national level high and new technology enterprise. The company has also received certification certificates and plaques issued, marking its official entry into the ranks of national high-tech enterprises.
High and new technology enterprises are a rare national level qualification certification, and they are also indispensable hard signs for enterprises that rely on technology to establish themselves. Their brand influence is not inferior to China's well-known trademarks and national inspection free products. It can be seen that the title of a national high-tech enterprise is the most powerful proof of whether an enterprise possesses core independent intellectual property rights.
The acquisition of this certificate is an affirmation and recognition by governments at all levels of Jingdong Rubber and Plastic Technology's research and development capabilities and overall technical level, and it is also an incentive for enterprises. The enterprise team will take this opportunity to further improve their independent innovation capabilities, continuously strengthen research and development investment, improve technological innovation capabilities, improve service levels, and give full play to the advantages and exemplary leading role of national high-tech enterprises, Promote the sound and rapid development of the company.
This also marks that our company has reached a certain level and height in terms of patented technology, successful cases, research and development investment, and business performance, meeting the rigid indicator requirements of relevant national, provincial, and municipal departments, representing that our company's comprehensive strength has reached a new level.
As a high-tech enterprise, our company will pay more attention to technological innovation, management innovation, and service innovation, relying on high-tech, standardized operation, and scientific management to improve the enterprise's risk resistance ability, thereby further enhancing the enterprise's core competitiveness in the market and creating another brilliant future. Increase investment in product research and development and technological innovation, rely on high-tech and scientific and standardized management to improve the enterprise's risk resistance ability, further enhance the enterprise's core competitiveness, and provide customers with better quality products and solutions.
These powerful certificates are one of the important arrangements for the development and growth of our company. We believe that as long as we are steadfast and diligent, adhere to customer focus, take strivers as the foundation, work hard for a long time, and improve ourselves, our service will definitely lead to a better tomorrow!