When choosing sealing ring material, these four problems should be remembered!


Seal ring in the application mainly plays a role of dust and oil insulation, it also has many sealing media, mainly oil, so the performance of the seal ring directly affects the performance of other equipment, and the first thing to determine the performance of the seal ring is its material.

1.Mechanical speed. Seals have different material adaptability to mechanical movement speed. Some ordinary materials can not adapt to high-speed mechanical operation. Therefore, when choosing sealing ring material, we should choose high-end ones, so that we can use high-speed operation.

2.Pressure. Seal ring material is also very sensitive to the working pressure. Different materials can bear different pressures. If the medium is oil, it will bear less pressure. If the pressure exceeds the material's bearing range, it will reduce the service life of the seal ring. We can choose under the suggestion of the seal ring manufacturer.

3. Medium compatibility. This is very important for the selection of sealing ring materials. Some sealing ring materials will contact the media directly. If the compatibility between the two is not good, it will cause damage to the sealing ring or contamination to the media. In addition, the material of the sealing ring can not be introduced to corrode, nor can it react with the medium, which is also a special reminder of the manufacturers of sealing rings.

4. When choosing the material of sealing ring, we should pay attention to not only the speed of movement, pressure and medium compatibility, but also the temperature. Temperature also has a certain impact on the material quality of the sealing ring, too high or too low temperature is not feasible, if too high, will make the tension and hardness of the sealing ring reduce, if the temperature is too low, it will make the sealing ring become very brittle. Each sealing ring material has its own temperature range, which should also be noted.

Therefore, when choosing the material of sealing ring, we must consider comprehensively. If it is difficult for us to choose, we can consult the manufacturers of sealing ring.